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GodMode Level 1. - The Program:

Ready huh?

Didn’t even need to finish the Adventure?
Seen/Heard enough and know you’re “IN”?

Alright then… here you go, and there you are.

See you on the other side…

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Not Quite Ready huh?

Need to go back and finish the Adventure, before you know you’re “IN”?

Alright then… here you go, and there you are.
Click here and I’ll catch you on the flip side…

It’s more nuanced, more subtle.

Messing around in the details of it like you’ve done so many times before, you know, secretly isn’t the missing piece, that’s not what’s off.

This is why you get partway into the new book, program, course, coaching, etc, and realize

“Fuck! I know this and this ain’t it.”

Yet, you’re still on the hunt as it were. Hi, I see you.

You’ve come so far that every damn thing seems like a dead-end, something disguised as something else, that you’ve already done, tried, reality tested that it seems like “it” doesn’t exist and, that what you’re looking for is simply another distraction you’ve put in place to keep your self occupied while you play the game.

You’re playing this game of hide and seek at such a high level of difficulty, this is one of the ways you keep it interesting for yourself… though, sometimes it’s downright crazymaking.

Maybe you ought not seek?

“Nah. There’s something to it, something I’m missing, something I’m doing that’s off just enough to keep getting a mix of what I do and don’t want but not enough that I’ve altogether quit looking.”

Here it is in all its simplicity:

  • It is what it is.
  • And it will be what you make it.
  • Because it is what you think it is.

And, there’s who you are being, who you think you’re supposed to be, who you think other humans think you are, and who you wish you were.

And then you speak it into existence and act accordingly – it’s simple dude…

You just do a huge majority of it so far below your present level of awareness that you don’t know you’re doing it.

Some of it works for you, and some of it doesn’t.

Some of it works against you.

And. YOU are the one doing it.

The problem isn’t with what you’re doing or even how you’re doing it, “It” isn’t broken, it’s working perfectly.

You’re simply not aware of exactly what it is and how it works.

And because some of us are so damn smart, we can’t see how simple it really is.

It MUST be more sophisticated than that?!?!?!


But there it is, the actual way we create the very experience we wish was different somehow.

It’s that “different somehow” that throws us off.

And we go on with it right under our noses, out in the open, hidden in plain sight while we seek the secret, the new protocol, the new author, teacher, teaching, etc…

You haven’t found “it” yet because you’re looking right at it and don’t even know it.

Hide and seek level 400, you’re playing with yourself.

It’s simple dude.

“It” is the act of creating.

It is a skillset.

You already do it perfectly, and much like making an omelet, if you are using plastic easter eggs for the eggs, your omelet is never going to taste the way you think it should.

Getting what you want is simple.

All you have to do is talk your “self” into it and stop talking your “self” out of it, at the unconscious and subconscious level.

Easier said than done, however, it is simple and it’s not near as difficult as some would have you believe.

Shall we continue?


Go choose a route dude… pick one, it doesn’t matter which

What This Is All about:


Actually getting what you want.

And stopping the getting what you don’t want.

In other words…

This is about learning WHAT you are doing and HOW “it” works so that you can do “it” appropriately AND get what you want while minimizing what you DON’T want.

So that you can make room for figuring out how to deal with yourself.

And can become effective and efficient at dealing with circumstances AND other people while navigating yourself in the world.

Ultimately, BEING the magic, for the sake of demonstrating to yourself and the world and the other people around you HOW this works, so they can do the same, their own individual form of “magic.”

We are, after all, just walking each other home. ~ Ram Dass

This is “it” dude, learning how to deal with your “self” and navigating that “self” in the world, getting what you actually want. 

“IT” = connection to god, source, magic, enlightenment, waking-up – there are so many names for it.

“IT” – you know what it is, giving it a name, a definition, knowing how to be it, using it at will… is what this is all about.


I do hope you’ll take the trip…

Which road?

Others of you, the fuckers who seem to be able to make a day trip of it, or an afternoon hike, like the easter egg hunt before Sunday dinner…

it’s insanely frustrating, though, if I’m honest, I’m actually happy for you, seeing that you’re really just me having another version of this experience and you’re one of the versions of me who can pick up the breadcrumb trail and have it “licked” quickly.

Either way, long road or short, I’d imagine you know by now if you’re in the right place or not…

How to know which road you’re on?

If this all comes quickly, things seem to fall right into place, you’re on the short road…

The long roaders, you’ll feel like you can’t put this down, somethings here for you, but some of it is confusing and doesn’t make sense, you find yourself going back and rereading bits and pieces over and over again.

*CLUE, you are BOTH, at different stages of

The Game…

Authors Note:

I’m giving too much away!!!

…and “It’s not in 3rd, or 4th, or 6th-grade language…” or whatever it’s “supposed to be”…

And “it’s WAYYYYYY too much info, too long” “You’re confusing them!!!” etc, (according to the marketers)… if that’s the case, good.

I think you’re smart enough to get through this, make use of it and arrive at your own “Holyfuckeroni! I get IT!”… 

This isn’t for dabblers, quick fixers, short cutters, or, secret hunters chasing shiny objects who can’t bother themselves to “look again” at what they’ve seen before INCASE they did in fact miss something… the thing you’re looking for, it’s hidden in plain sight. This is for smart people, who dig a bit.

And the bulk of this “front-end” content is structured to do 2 things – sift out the people this isn’t for and sort the right people into the most appropriate starting points for them.